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Clovis and the Campanile

Here is the drawing that is in progress from my 3-point perspective assignment in Intermediate Drawing. Clovis the Indonesian dragon is going to alight on top of the Campanile in Venice. Look out angel! I really don’t know if the top of that tower can support his weight. Remember 1902 when the whole thing collapsed? (I think they rebuilt it with a support structure.) This drawing needs a good many more hours and the last day of class was Thursday. So… Stay tuned.

Last Day of Class

Jackdaw and Peacock are ready to rock and roll with ComicComm Spring 2015 thanks to the intrepid efforts of the Intermediate Drawing/WC class that discovered all they liked and didn’t like about creating perspective drawings on an iPad. We all presented the findings of our fooling around with the apps to our generous benefactor (CLU Experiential Learning Task Force) represented by Dr. Grady Hanrahan. The jury is out on making the iPad the sole tool for this group’s creative endeavors, but everyone liked the sketchbook aspect of having something that could easily erase attempts with marks, color, and even overall design concepts. You couple that flexibility with the all-in-one from photo to finished drawing ability of the tool and it begins to look very useful.

I love the feel of paper and watercolor effects in the apps I tried are mechanical. I like to work big and the size of the iPad for finished work is restrictive in spite of the zoom feature. For comic book illustration in the new class, I think the iPad will offer students with minimal drawing skills, the ability to be as creative as they want and  that was the end goal of this test period. IMG_0866