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Showing My Work

They are up! All the digitized photos that I have of my work are now posted on this site. Any future paintings will be of entirely new work and should take far less room as I am slowly only making comic book panels at the moment. I may give you sneak peaks of partial pages here but you will be able to see the book over at as it progresses. That will happen as soon as my colleague and I figure out the publishing platform. That has turned out to be much harder than we thought. Cheers.

Show Your Work

In an effort to model good social media creative behavior for my students, I once again will attempt to get my work out into the ether via a new website. It has been 8 years since the last attempt which is still hanging around in the search engines somewhere. Thank goodness for Dr. Dru who helped me launch this thing and will I am sure get tired of answering all the silly technical questions that I will have…